Thanks For the Memories

I certainly did not think in fall of 1990 when Terry Durst and I opened the first exhibit in the storefront I rent for my law office, Olde Stuff, A Ten Year Retrospective – that 24 years would go by so quickly.

I cannot possibly in any manageable space begin to thank the countless people who contributed with their artwork, talent, skill, purchases, donations, time, and/or just being there at the events because you are a part of the Northeast Ohio art community and that’s just what we do, but allow me to say here if you are reading this THANK YOU.

These years have been an incredible experience for me.

The demands of my law practice and commitment to those clients is but one of the reasons at this time it is not practical to continue the on-going art exhibits at the space.

As is often said, as one door closes another opens, I certainly have not ruled out the possibility of working in the operation of an art gallery again.   At this juncture for myself and the artists who may have exhibited in the future it makes sense to bring this chapter to a close so that other opportunities might be pursued.

Thank you

Jean Brandt