MAMA Art Movement

MAMA Art Movement
Presented by White Wall of Sound
Organized by Jim Clinefelter
November 8 – December 22, 1991
with the
Politically Incorrect Poetry Reading

Man, this will be a tough one.
I have no idea of who read at the MAMA show night,
apart from Charlotte Pressler.
Who were the others?….
probably folks Charlotte knew.
I remember someone shouting, “I’ve tasted the Pope!”
during somebody’s turn at reading.
I can come up with a collage or two that I did for that show.
It was a group show,
all ephemeral collages by about 6-10 people,
and I would guess that most of those works no longer exist.

I really don’t remember the exact proceedings of the openings
very well, mainly because they were sort of a usual thing
with the crowd I hung with in Kent
(and who later moved to Cleveland, and points east and west).
They were done for the moment….
an interesting, fun thing to do to for an evening,
and present work that (hopefully) connected with people.
I think that’s really the strength of Jean’s gallery…
it’s a place were an artist/poet/genuine human being can be allowed
to show work that fights the ever-present grey Ohio nothingness.