Apophenia Immaculate: AI for Shortening – David Sulik

David Sulik is a traditionally trained artist who became interested in the computer and its possibilities as an art tool while establishing himself in Cleveland after graduating from The Cleveland Institute of Art in 1984 with a degree in Drawing; double minor in Painting and Silversmithing.  During 2005 – 2007 he returned to school to obtain a Master degree in Digital Arts.  He now creates with the computer, less restrained by the limitations of the physical world. 

The representations here, inspired by current ideas about quantum physics, molecular biology, brain wave patterns, Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming and environment cognition, are developed as 2D and 3D computer models.  Some are utilized in live time computer simulation animations.  To achieve that, an interactive 3D program produces frame-by frame images of pre-calculated mathematical forms discoverable by the viewer during live time using a hand held radio control method. 

Artist selected FramePrints of virtual viewpoints, in the same manner that traditional artists select a view when painting a landscape, are also produced as part of an apophenia process to provoke thought and discussion.






Apophenia Immaculate:

AI for Shortening

Work By David Sulik