Barbara Merritt

Ever since I was gifted a Pentax K1000 back in 1994 my conscious life has been driven by the world of
photographic imagery. Immediately, the science and manipulation of film chemistry and the philosophy of
imagery had me hooked. Since then, current digital revelations in photography keep me intrigued with
possibilities I have yet to even imagine, although I’m working on this in my unconscious life.
I graduated from New York State University at Regents in 1989 but most of my schooling was spent at
Thiel College and Cleveland State studying studio art and art history. Post grad studies specifically in
photography were continued at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

I started my own business in Tremont around the year 2000. With a studio, a dark room and a gallery I was
able to curate several shows with some stellar Cleveland artists. I feel incredibly lucky to have had this
time in the earlier days of the Tremont Artwalk, the memories continue to inspire me.
After living in Chicago for few years and a change of scenery, I am back in my favorite city participating in
several shows and events as well maintaining my business Barbara Merritt Photography which specializes
in portraits, events and corporate installations.

The current exhibit at the Brandt Gallery is inspired by my love for movies. Although I have never worked
within the moving picture genre, I am continually mesmerized by it. This series is a short story in itself and
I’m hoping the viewer can fill in the blank spots with their own creativity. In my mind it conveys the story
of innocence, corruption of innocence and the drive to regain that innocence in the end.
The still image has saved my life again and again. I am eternally grateful for the gifts it bestows on my