Celeste McCarthy

Artist Statement

I have always created art in some way.  As a child in a small town in Florida, I would entertain myself by drawing small human figures dancing.  From that obsessive habit early on I have continued over the last 30 years to create visual art. I still often work in pen and ink although now also use acrylic paint, watercolor, goauche, spray paint, and photography.  

I have been professionally selling my visual art for the last 11 years.  I create to communicate, to bring joy into this world.  When I was 19, I expanded into other creative forms – writer and spoken word performance.  Yet even during those performances, I never saw joy on such a cross-section of the population as I have through witnessing people experiencing my visual art.  My experience is that visual art crosses language and cultural barriers in ways that words cannot.  Anyone in the world can look at art from any time period and any culture and it will communicate something fine and joyful and generous in a way that words cannot.  That is why I refocused my creative endeavors on visual art.  My hope is that everyone who sees my art experiences some of the same profound joy that I do in creating it.