Isolationist Art Gallery Review 1993

Hazel Reid
Dave Sierk
James McCarthy
Valerie Marek
Jim Clinefelter
D.A. Enkler
Elizabeth Infield
John McGrail
Derek Mason

Nothing is ultimate.
Reactionism is emotional at best, irrational at worst.
A little discipline is always a good thing, it enhances productivity.
Always know where your closest razor blade is.
You are always one half inch from perfection.
Being sick is no excuse. (Lou Reed)
Isolation is reasonable.
Isolationists pride themselves on being best remembered for being unknown.
Isolation is not a philosophy, it is a point of reference.
Deviants conform to norms.
Question oneself.
The work is more important than the individual.
Quality control comes from within, if at all.
Expectations are best when self-fulfilling.
Don’t disrespect; disregard.
I am all I can know; anything outside of me is an unknown.
Don’t fear leaving/separation. Do what you decide to do.
Anonymity: nothing more to say.

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