Little Albert Winter 1995

Little Albert was a local publication that was briefly published in the mid-1990s in Cleveland devoted to promoting the works of area writers and visual artists .  Initially conceived in 1994 by Emily Blaser  as Art Editor and Lesa Dieter as Literary Editor, Little Albert was a labor of love.  Ah, but what labor… Each issue was hand sewn and bound and contained a fold-out image from a selected artist.  In the Fall of 1995, Hazel Reid assumed the role of Art Editor and was a driving force in the publication of this last issue.  The closing reception featured an exhibition of work by Steven Smith, Michael Loderstedt, David Newlin and Tina Kellog as well as a poetry reading by many of the poets who had been featured in Little Albert over the course of its brief existence.  –  Lesa Dieter






Little Albert Issue #3
December 1, 1995 – January 12, 1996

Closing and Reception with work by
Tina Kellogg, Wayne Draznin, Michael Loderstedt,
David Newlin and Steven B. Smith

Basement Imposition by Terry Durst
Poetry Reading 8 p.m.