Minor Art – curators Terry Durst and David Madigan

Reasonabilist Statement

If there isn’t a title card, the piece is untitled and the artist’s name appears on the piece.
If there isn’t an artist, or a title card, then you don’t exist.

That poignant moment when the piece fell from your pedestal and crashed to the floor.
No more piece, just pieces – we could commit suicide – and make no more mistakes,
or continue to live and fuck-up.  WE ARE MORE THAN VERY SORRY.

I couldn’t give a shit about the stupid incident.  All’s I know’s that we were measuring and
reacted to something else and WHAM!, down it went and I am coming to dinner.  I know Terry must feel real bad, I do.  Or maybe it’s awkwardness he feels.  I think I am a professional
sometimes but when something like this happens it makes you question your own position,
and respect other’s more, in respect to your own.

“We’re not sure yet” is a common expression of ours, and
“Maybe you should stick to vodka” really stuck.

P.S.  It’s well-hung, isn’t it?
Donations from winners to Church of REASONABILISM are accepted kindly.

David Madigan


Minor Art
June 20 – July 19, 1992
curated by
Reasonabilists David Madigan and Terry Durst
featuring works by individuals between the ages of 13 and 21 years of age.  
Three cash prizes awarded on REASONABILIST response to the meaning and feeling of the pieces.