New Works Richard Balogh

My Art Bio An Experience at The Jean Brandt Gallery

It has been quite awhile since I have been to The Gallery. The times were all pleasant and always accommodating. I have shown there turning out my work that is oversized vibrant
paintings of two different styles. One is figurative and the other is symbolic. The figurative stands out the most with my experience at The Gallery. The Trinity piece that started out as
a single figure seated against a barren tree wild hair painted into the tree bark as if it were
a part of it. The figure symbolically as stiff as the tree itself and giving nothing up willingly
stairs abstractly past the viewer as if they were not there.

Not satisfied with the composition I had to add two more figures with overtones of a religious trinity. Each color representing a season.

This painting disturbs many but I find it most fascinating and it grows on me with the passing years. Some have said it appears to be a self-portrait representing my personality.

The symbolic series represented Man & Women, Vaginal & Phallic. Very large abstracted oil pastels the largest reaching 17’ in length titled Dancers. It always humored me, in a good
way, to hear conservative or embarrassed responses to something that appeared obviously
sexual to many.

Two Artists that remain favorites and I feel influence my work are Salvador Dali and Vincent
Van Gogh. The Psychological, emotional, and rich colors and shapes drew me automatically
to Salvador Dali. Vincent Van Gogh’s splendidly rich landscapes with textured canvases and emotionally charged paintings told many stories in their vibrant colors. So, when people ask what style I have my response is usually a cross between Dali & Van Gogh hoping to explain.

It was and is quite a joy to be apart of the Tremont Art experience. I enjoyed the community enough to move into it and lend support to our growing rich community. I am proud to see
where Cleveland has come and wish many more galleries as warm Brandt’s Gallery were
available. – Richard Balogh

New Works
Richard Balogh
May 3 – 26, 1996