Recycled Relics work by Mother Dwarf

“Florence E. Smith, also known as Mother Dwarf Smith, is tall, stately and on the quiet side. She had a ceramics studio for many years and also did quilting and mail art before going into assemblage / collage. Widowed, she came to Cleveland from her home in Nevada in 1990 to join her son, also an assemblage artist.

Her stamp is brightly appealing narrative pieces with fairy tale themes. Doll parts, trinkets, cutouts, photos and a wide array of found fragments find their way into her works, which project a wistful sense of frozen moments in time. Her works are filled with memories of an Alice in Wonderland world where the mundane turns to magic.”

Helen Cullinan – The Cleveland Plain Dealer May 13, 1994

“Mother Dwarf’s work feels deeply, intrinsically, unnervingly correct in ways that are mysteriously unconscious to me.
She is keeping a different sort of record, telling slanted stories. She is mother goose for the intentionally lost and half-enlightened.” nisha – September 10, 2003

Mother Dwarf. – Recycled Relics
April 25 – May 25, 1997