Spaces – sculpture by Terry Durst

Spaces – sculptures by Terry Durst September 5-30, 1997

Joe sells hot dogs outside on the devil’s strip.

The locker room is in the window, with some socks hanging on the bench, an ashtray and a Pepsi bottle, a baseball cap hanging on the locker.  Then you enter through a hall of red white and blue plastic flags that brush your head as you walk under them, coming upon a kitchen sink on the back wall.  On the drain board, in the dish drainer, are several Pepsi bottles that someone has rinsed and stacked upside-down to dry.

Around the corner is the trailer park living room of a George Jones fan, with an old tattered couch, mended many times, and scattered beer and Pepsi bottles on the floor.  On the wall facing the couch, twenty-five of my favorite albums are displayed on small shelves, in a rigid geometric pattern – one is George Jones.

Through the last doorway you are suddenly outside, in a state park.  Two empty Pepsi bottles have been discarded on the grass while two boys in baggy shorts, tennis shoes, baseball caps and no shirts stand entranced by a trail marker.  Their stiffening cocks are visible through their shorts.

Terry Durst