Stir by Still work by Jee Sun Park

Retreads, New Finds – Jeesun Park

by Frank Green

September 17, 1997

The Cleveland Free Times

The real find in this exhibition is the basement installation by Korean-born sculptor Jeesun Park.  As her first major exhibition since moving to Cleveland from New York two years ago, this work is a revelation, marking the arrival of an important artist on the local scene.  Park’s strange, amorphous plaster castings are incorporated  beautifully into a decrepit environment of burnt wood, dripped wax, broken glass and rusted metal, like new life forms emerging from the waste of a dead civilization.  In the center of the room, a living mushroom rises from debris, and who would have thought such beauty could be born in an environment so foul?  

Park is an artist to watch.

Stir by Still 

Sculpture by Jee Sun Park

September 5 – 30, 1997