Waiting for the Moment Before – Preston Buchtel

An exhibition of digitally assembled photographic collages.

I began exploring digital photo manipulation in an effort to see what it had to offer me and my work, and how I might use it as a medium for expression.  I also wanted to find a way of working with it as intuitively and with the same immediacy that my paintings and physical collages offered.

What I find most interesting about this medium, is the ability it offers to layer multiple images and fragments, and control their degree and manner of integration with one another, thus offering many possibilities for the visual creation, destruction, and manipulation of space, time, form, meaning, narrative, and perception.  Through which new totalities can be constructed.

Several years and over 10,000 collages later, this exhibition includes some of the results.



Waiting for the Moment Before

Preston Buchtel

May 2011