White Heterosexual Male – Edward Bruner

. . . Because I Want To Be Terry Durst.

I am a white heterosexual male
Leonard said it best
A feathered, egg-laying animal on a high voltage wire
A paranoid white heterosexual male
I have sexual encounters all night
Next to my wife
Rolling over into it
Afraid of detection
I’m a completely paranoid white heterosexual male
Spurting semen into the sink
Spurting semen onto a shirt
Spurting semen onto her belly
Spurting semen into rubber
Shoot it into the air
Shoot it into the ceiling

I am your cobalt angel
I play all day and all night
I whistle at all in-coming
I look down when birds fly over
I see ears on the ground
I like all forms of velvet
I pray to my big toe
I pick my nose in public
The epitome of the paranoid caucasian heterosexual





A Multi-Media Sensory Installation
White Heterosexual Male
April 24 – June 14, 1992
Edward Bruner